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Kids in the Tank is a podcast created by the participants of BizTank, an educational experience enabling career exploration for high school Juniors and Seniors. Covering topics such as start-ups, financials, on-trend marketing and social media. There will be guest speakers in which the Kids will research and Interview, then we Flip It and the guest speaker asks them questions, followed by a Round Table session where the Kids talk about the latest hot topics and trends.

Top-Notch Production

When it comes to our studio, few in the area compare. Our podcast room accommodates four guests and is decorated with three remote-controlled pan/tilt/zoom cameras providing several angles of video coverage. The podcast production is handled by our master production control room lovingly referred to as “The Tank.” We use a Midas 32R with a dedicated PC. Thanks to Tom Held of The Oakland Group, the BizKids have a professional audio and video production experience.

Latest Episodes

In-Depth Interviews

Learn more about our BizTank speakers each week as they answer the tough questions!

Kerry Frank | Entrepreneur

Kerry Frank | Entrepreneur

Kerry Frank is an entrepreneur that has proven how one woman can go about revolutionizing an industry with smarts, courage, and tenacity. Little did she know in 2007, when she founded Comply365, that her efforts would completely transform the aviation industry. She...

Justin Clough | Director, Photographer

Justin Clough | Director, Photographer

Justin Clough was born in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin and took an interest in creative hobbies at a young age. He got more involved with camera and film work in early high school when he began making videos for local athletic departments, which included a miniseries...

Trevor Fedele | Marshall Electronics

Trevor Fedele | Marshall Electronics

Trevor Fedele began his career in music at age sixteen in Union, New Jersey, where he worked his way up to staff audio engineer at a local studio. After learning the ropes in Jersey, he gained valuable experience in New York City as a freelance engineer; assisting for...

Kids In The Tank

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