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Frequently Asked Questions

Just because you can’t drive to our offices, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy and learn from our speakers. Our BizTank Speaker Series streams directly to your laptop/phone/tv streaming device live every Wednesday at 7 PM CDT during the Fall, Winter & Spring Sessions.

How Much Is This?

Right now you can sign up to receive access to the entire library of speakers as well as the live keynote presentations every Session for only $250 for all three seasons. All proceeds go to the BizTank Scholarship Fund.

Who Are The Speakers?

During our seasons, we have a new speaker every week/session. Check out our lineup to see more.

What Happens If I Miss A Session?

Just because you can’t join live doesn’t mean you have to miss the show! You can always access past presentations in the OnDemand library.

Who Can I Show This To?

Each subscription to the BizTank Speaker Series lets you stream live with anyone you want in the room! This can be classrooms, mastermind groups, clubs, etc.

What Are The Technical Requirements?

If you can watch YouTube, you can watch our live stream. If you need more technical requirements just let us know and we can send them your way.