About BizTank
Our Mission

What We Stand For

We are cultivating a group of driven (or at least kind of driven) individuals that see the value in going above and beyond the classroom requirements, and care enough about their future to try something new and to step outside their comfort zones, because as many of us know, that’s really where all the fun is!

Our Vision

Inspiring the Leaders of Tomorrow

Participants get a look behind the curtain of success from guest speakers explaining the drive, hard work, their successes, and even failures. This exposure to the real world is stimulating and interactive to everyone involved in the program.

Our Facility

Professional Studio Right In Delavan, WI

The webcast studio has three remote pan/tilt/zoom cameras. Video-friendly, daylight white (5000K) LED studio lights to provide lighting for the stage area. Par LED (RGBA) lights provide colored light for ambient room effects. Both podcast and webcast production are handled in the master production control room. A Midas M32R is in use to handle audio for both productions. The podcast room accommodates four guests, two sitting and two standing. Four remote-controlled pan/tilt/zoom cameras provide several angles of video coverage.

Who We Are

Key Contributors

It takes a lot of people to keep BizTank running. Check out a few of our key volunteers that make sure everything runs smooth.

Jeff Peterson

Jeff Peterson


Andy Church aka Red Beard

Andy Church aka Red Beard

Production Engineer

Melissa DeBuck

Melissa DeBuck

Marketing Manager