Jeremy Denk, piano (in Boston, MA)

NEC's Jordan Hall

Acclaimed pianist and author Jeremy Denk curates a program that unites female composers across the centuries. Works by Louise Farrenc and Clara Schumann, French Romantic holdout Cécile Chaminade, American pianist and composer Amy Beach, and modernist-turned-folk-revivalist Ruth Crawford Seeger sit alongside works by acclaimed contemporary composers Tania León, Meredith Monk, Phyllis Chen, and Missy Mazzoli. 

Denk pulls these diverse works and composers together to tell a story of women’s genius—both recognized and neglected in their times and remembered and forgotten in ours—and lends his insight, technical panache, and expressive style to this era-spanning program. 

This performance will also take place in Groton Hill on December 10 at 3:00 PM.

Program details

Clara Schumann | Romance No. 1, Op. 22
Tania León | Ritual
Cécile Chaminade | La lisonjera (The Flatterer), Op. 50
Missy Mazzoli | Heartbreaker
Meredith Monk | Paris 
Amy Beach | Five Improvisations for Piano, Op. 148
Ruth Crawford Seeger | Study in Mixed Accents
Louise Farrenc | Mélodie in A-flat Major
Phyllis Chen | Untitled
First half performed without pause.

Theme – Leise, innig (Quiet, earnest)
Variation I
Variation II – Canonisch (Like a canon) 
Variation III – Etwas belebter (Somewhat more animated)
Variation IV
Variation V 

Variation 1
Variation 2. Animato
Variation 3. Dolce
Variation 4. Risoluto
Variation 5. Espressivo
Variation 6
Variation 7. Con vivacita
Variation 8
Variation 9. Poco sostenuto
Variation 10. Energico
Variation 11. Dolce
Variation 12. Soave
Variation 13. Largamente, ma non più
Variation 14. Sciolto
Variation 15
Variation 16. Ma marcato
Variation 17. Più mosso
Variation 18. Grazioso
Variation 19. Leggiero und vivace 
Variation 20. Legato
Variation 21. Dolce
Variation 22
Variation 23. Vivace e staccato
Variation 24
Variation 25

“One of the most thoughtful and reliably interesting artists of our time. ”

Cleveland Plain Dealer

“A remarkable figure, as much a thinker as a player...and as much admired for his pioneering, sometimes challenging programming as he is for his brilliantly perceptive playing. ”

The Scotsman

Jordan Hall Venue Information

This performance is generously supported by
Stephen C. Perry & Oliver Radford.

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