David Sedaris (2022-23)

Symphony Hall

David Sedaris has shared his life with us and made us laugh for decades. From the absurdist adventures of his early career to his wry and devastating recent examinations of aging, family, and mortality, his essays, diaries, and bestselling books have reflected his expansive curiosity, relentless powers of observation, and cheerful misanthropy.  

During his long career, he has maintained his status as one of America’s preeminent humor writers. One of the most observant writers addressing the human condition today, he slices with great skill through cultural euphemisms and political correctness, cutting to the core of his own impressions and others’ actions. 

Beloved for his personal essays and short stories, David Sedaris is the author of Calypso and Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls, as well as collections of personal essays, including The Best of Me, Theft by Finding, and his most recent book, A Carnival of Snackery

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“Sedaris belongs on any list of people writing in English at the moment who are revising our ideas about what’s funny.”

San Francisco Chronicle

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